Our Netball Team In Action


Exciting News Update on our Year 5/6 Netball Teams!  On Thursday 8th February, both our netball teams attended the Waltham Forest Borough Netball Competition held at the Score Centre in Leyton.

The Amazing A Team - Otaoghene, Esther, Jacob, Samara, and Jesururu . The Brilliant B Team - Brayan, Valentina, Dagem, Alan, Amelia and Phoebe set out to defend our coveted Waltham Forest Netball Champion Title.

The rules of the game, require all players to rotate positions which is challenging for most but not our talented players. Our players embraced the challenge of playing various positions on the court, using their well practised attacking and defending skills. They were not only well-prepared but also displayed enthusiasm and skill at every position, excelling at the competition.

Despite the highly competitive atmosphere with numerous schools in attendance, our teams faced the challenge confidently, securing victories in all their games. Both teams advanced to the finals of the afternoon competition, leading to a unique and memorable moment when they competed against each other in the final game of the afternoon. It was a thrilling final which concluded with the A Team outscoring the B Team.

The competition was split into two parts due to the volume of participating schools and games. We eagerly anticipate the winners of the morning session, and our A Team is poised and ready to compete in the borough final, aiming to defend the esteemed title of Borough Netball Champions that St Patrick's proudly secured last year. 

On this last Thursday before half term, our extraordinary teams learnt that the perfect synergy of teamwork, hard work, commitment, and self-belief is the winning formula that genuinely makes the dream work!

This achievement reflects the incredible effort put in by our players, which is recognised and encouraged at St Patrick's.  Congratulations to our outstanding netball teams for their hard work and exceptional performance! A great thank you goes to our incredible PE teacher Ms Le Blond for her tremendous energy, skills and inspiration allowing our children to participate successfully in so many sporting events.


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