Internet Safety Day


This week we had Internet Safety Day at the school - a landmark event on the online safety calendar – that built on the E-Safety workshops and learning that the children all had a couple of weeks ago.


In Y6 they looked at technology of the future – including music, phones, AI and how it might impact their lives.


In Y4 and Y5 the children watched a LIVE lesson that aimed to demystify technology of the future and provide insights into the world of AI technology for our older children. The main aim of the lesson was to help the children navigate the digital landscape safely and to be aware of all the ways in which technology can be used to help us – but also trick us. Year 4 then designed some amazing posters to share their knowledge with others.


In Y3 they revised the SMART rules and focused on the importance of always telling a trusted adult if they see or hear something that they do not like.


In Y2 they have been reading and discussing the Digi-Duck series of books. This collection of five stories were created to help educate younger children about online safety and have accompanying teaching activities and discussions for each book.


In Y1 the children had a visitor (a puppet called Mitch) who had just bought a computer and was excited to start using it but needed advice on how to stay safe online. The children then discussed and shared different scenarios for staying safe, then designed some eye-catching posters for Mitch to help him.


In Reception they had a talk about what being safe online meant and they read a lovely story together called ‘Buddy the Internet Safety Dog’.


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