E-Safety Workshop


Week beginning 22nd January the children of St Patrick’s have been busy brushing up on their e-safety knowledge and understanding through creative and drama-led workshops and activities.

Years 1 – 2 had a ‘Cyber-Heroes’ workshop that primarily focused on online gaming. In a calm and creative environment, our KS1 pupils explored issues such as online bullying, age-appropriate content, pop-ups and in-game chat. Together they created their very own special ‘cyber-hero’ identities and become online safety champions, ensuring the internet stays safe and fun for everyone!

Years 3 – 4 took part in a ‘Game Over’ workshop and learned about the world of addictive gaming. They were shown how to avoid the temptation of in-app traps, resist playing through the night in order to get a good night’s sleep, control their emotions if they lost and how media can be shared to strangers.

Years 5 – 6 took part in a ‘It’s Up To You #008’ workshop. As part of their secret mission they had to ensure the importance of Online Safety for children is heard loud and clear in their school. They had to deal with hackers, cyber bullies and information-grabbing phisherman and make the world a better and safer place.



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